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What are QUARTZ countertops?

Quartz actually refers to a natural mineral while Engineered Quartz (also called “Engineered Stone”) is a manufactured product. Quartz slabs are made from around 93% Quartz particles bonded together with resin, pigments, and other ingredients. Manufactured quartz is made in factories in the United States, Europe, and Asia, among other locations. It’s a great option for homeowners looking for minimal maintenance and consistent patterns to include in there design concept.


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Vadara Quartz callacatta quartz
vicostone quartz misterio quartz
lx hausys quartz Callacata sol
Cambria Quartz
Silestone quartz, Silestone Dekton
Element Surfaces

Level 1 Quartz Colors

Quality options at an affordable price. These a great for Investment Properties or Homeowners looking for a beautiful upgrade on a budget.

Black Marble

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