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Natural Stone

Some of us love the idea of having a slice of geologic time in our home. Every natural stone is an expression of all of the time and events that shaped it. Each slab will have its own unique characteristics. When choosing natural stone you can be sure no one else will have the same exact countertops as you. We work with multiple local suppliers to give our customers the largest selection possible.

We’ve provided Live Inventory links below, so you can begin your search for that perfect slab!


Granite is extremely hard, durable, and is resistant to heat and scratches. Granite comes in a variety of colors. This natural stone evokes colors, movement, and uniqueness that man- made products can't give you. Your granite will require some maintenance as a yearly sealing regiment is recommended.

Granite surfaces


Marble is a natural metamorphic stone mined from quarries worldwide. Marble is timeless, beautiful, and always the star of the show. Marble contains characteristics throughout the slabs such as color and pattern variations, fissures or hairline cracks, lines, pits, and blemishes.

Treat your marble with care. Cleaning should be done with a soft cloth or sponge and a neutral soapy water mixture. Clean spills immediately and take extra precaution with acidic foods and drinks. Wine, Coffee, Margaritas, and Tomatoe sauce fall into this category. Do not stand on, set tools or heavy equipment on, use for arts and crafts., etc.

Marble table


Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock. It is created when sandstone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure deep in the earth. Quartzite slabs typically have a high sheen or almost glass like appearance. They are also very dense making them great material for countertops. Sometimes quartzite slabs can have issues with water absorbing during the fabrication process. It isn't uncommon for some colors to take days up to weeks to fully dry after fabrication.

White Marble


When picking the color of your stone, you can also choose its finish. There are three types of finishes that are the most common in the stone industry. The Finish can make a huge impact on the overall look of the stone and your project.

Polished: Smooth, shiny, reflective glass like finish that really brings the color out of the stone.

Honed: Smooth but non-shiny or reflective, cuts down on glare. Sometimes described as a matte finish.

Leathered: Textured surface, non-reflective. Great option for outdoors

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